Smart Mobility Challenge

Carnegie Mellon University’s Traffic21 Institute and its affiliated US DOT National University Transportation Center, Mobility21, sponsor the Smart Mobility Challenge to provide research assistance to southwestern PA municipalities and public transit operators with their real-world mobility problems.

Inspired by Traffic21’s years of successful collaboration with the City of Pittsburgh to become a globally recognized smart city test bed, this challenge demonstrates how suburban and rural communities can benefit from a similar collaboration.

Learn more about the Smart Mobility Challenges:

Photo of Sean Qian and his students        
Dr. Sean Qian and his students working on the Smart Mobility Challenge Projects, “Real-Time Traffic Monitoring and Prediction for Cranberry Township”Read the Final Research Report from the Smart Mobility Challenge Project, the Real-Time Traffic Monitoring and Prediction for Cranberry Township:

Special acknowledgement and thank you to the Hillman Foundation and the USDOT University Transportation Program for their support of Traffic21 and Mobility21.