Tier 1 Final Reports

Optimizing Snow Plowing Operations in Urban Road Networks
Joris Kinable, Stephen F. Smith (PI), Willem van Hoeve

Proving Autonomous Vehicle and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Safety
Nathan Fulton, Ran Ji, André Platzer

Infrastructure Monitoring from an In-Service Light Rail Vehicle
Jacobo Bielak, Hae Young Noh

Enhancing the Safety of Visually Impaired Travellers in and around Transit Stations
M. Bernardine Dias

Sensory Augmentation for Increased Awareness of Driving Environment
John Dolan, Chiyu Dong

Safety and Cost Assessment of Connected and Automated Vehicles
Chris Hendrickson

Sensor-Based Assessment of the In-Situ Quality of Human Computer Interaction in the Cars
SeungJun Kim and Anind K. Dey

Vehicle Trust Management for Connected Vehicles
Insup Lee

Smartphone Based Traffic Sign Inventory and Assessment
Christoph Mertz

The Pulse of Allegheny County and Pittsburgh
José Moura

Automatic Counting of Pedestrians and Cyclists
Bernardo R. Pires

What do autonomous vehicles mean to traffic congestion and crash? Network traffic flow modeling and simulation for autonomous vehicles
Sean Qian

Mobility Data Analysis Center
Sean Qian

Impact of Personal Attitudes on Propensity to Use Autonomous Vehicles for Intercity Travel
Megan Ryerson

Municipal Fleet Vehicle Electrification and Photovoltaic Power In the City of Pittsburgh
Constantine Samaras

Pedestrian Friendly Traffic Signal Control
Stephen F. Smith

Automated Video-Based Traffic Count Analysis
CJ Taylor

Tiramisu: Information from Live Data Streams
Anthony Tomasic

Modeling Transit Patterns Via Mobile App Logs
Anthony Tomasic