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Innovating Mobility for All

Ten years ago, Traffic21 was challenged by the Hillman Foundation to research, develop and deploy intelligent transportation systems in Pittsburgh. We applied an innovative model leveraging leading-edge technology development, world-class policy research and real-world public and private partnerships. This 10-Year Anniversary celebrates the deployment of these technologies which has improved safety, mobility and the environment, put Pittsburgh on the map as a smart city and launched companies that are growing the local economy. Traffic21 has leveraged over $70 million in funding and spawned two National University Transportation Centers (T-SET and Mobility21), the Metro21: Smart Cities Institute and the Metro Lab Network.

Disruptive transportation technologies enabling automation, connectivity, shared use and electrification continue to rapidly evolve. These technologies demonstrate great potential for safety, mobility and environmental improvement, but they also come with risk.

The Traffic21 Institute Tenth Anniversary Symposium will be held November 7 & 8, 2019 on CMU’s campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and include plenary sessions, anniversary luncheon, evening reception and research showcase. Over 300 participants are expected including students and faculty along with our community, government, and industry partners.

Therefore at this Ten Year Anniversary, Traffic21 is embracing a formidable new challenge: Innovating Mobility for All.

Traffic21 will leverage its strengths in technology, policy and partnerships to ensure that we lead in Innovating Mobility for All. Mobility technologies must be deployed safely and cost effectively, respect individual privacy and improve equity, especially for people with disabilities, senior citizens, rural communities, and people of all economic and social means. Through the support of faculty, students, staff and our public and private partners, Traffic21 is prepared to succeed in this new challenge.

We invite you to join us for the ride.


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